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Artist Statement
Annette Sage

Annette is an amateur photographer living in the United States. Her current projects centralize on the nude figure and her anthology on the male nude leans toward capturing the male figure in ways that we don’t see every day. She feels that the male nude is beautiful too and hasn't been getting the attention it deserves.

Annette discovered her passion for Photography in 1992 while attending college in upstate New York. Her earlier works include black and white landscapes and more abstract imagery. Annette has not made a career out of photography but has done some commercial work and was a Photographer in the US Navy during Operation Iraq Freedom.

After her time in the military, she made Los Angeles, California her home. Annette took a short break from photography to focus on her education. She graduated with a BA in Visual Communications in 2005 and an MBA in International Marketing in 2006.

She picked up her camera again in 2006. While doing research for her projects she discovered that modern male nudes have been labeled homoerotic and have almost disappeared from modern culture. How did we go from athletic heroism to modern day homosexual pornography?

Annette's project has also evolved into a study of gender roles played in art history and culture with the rise of feminism and women's liberation. She is one of very few female artists to feature the nude male as her subject. The male/female roles in this scenario are typically the other way around. Annette has found this creative process to be very liberating for both men and women and an opportunity to revive the nude male.